The Forest

A science fiction short film promoting forest and nature through an exciting and adventurous tale. The film is about a girl experiencing the magical and wonderful world hiding in the woods; a world of breathtaking creatures, magical sounds and mysterious shapes and colors. But the film is also a meeting with a cold and gray manmade world where nature and the natural human, is tucked away behind glass, steel and concrete. Thus, the film is also a call to humanity to preserve a rich and diverse nature for present and future generations.
The Forest is currently in the making. We are a small but dedicated crew:
Actor Cynthia Nilson Co-production Peter Wagner Lassen Cinematography Frederik Marbell Editing Thomas Irving So und Stefani Wisting Vfx Jonas Drotner Mouritsen Drone Anton Lisner Costume design Mira Vinzents Make-up Sasia Paludan .
We are shooting in May 2017.

A girl goes exploring in the woods. It’s summer and the forest is lush and full of life. She rejoices at the great variety of plants and animals. She speeds up and runs happily through the woods. Bang! Stopped by a large glass window she falls backward into the grass. She gets up and we look into her sorrowful face. Slowly we zoom out and see that the girl and forest are, infact, behind a huge window-pane in a colossal building. As the camera zooms out, we see that the huge building is just one of many in an endless, polluted and noisy city.